Film by Gleb Divov

Film covering the state of the CryptoArt, Blockchain art and collectibles and Digital Art Scene in the pre-20s, before the NFT Hype.

Real Pioneers.
History and (yesterday's) present reality.
Exclusive and different look from the perspective of original participants.
#CryptoArt and the phenomenon of the entire community in its nature through the eyes and words of scene figures, artists, collectors and those behind the scenes.

History in the making.

CryptoDocumentary – on your screens – soon.
Initially planned for Summer-Autumn of 2020, production is still underway,
with understandable lack of community support in COVID-times.

Remember: Film production depends on the support of the Community.
You asked for it - support it now!

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Documentary soundtrack composed by the multi-awarded, world's first psychology-based AI composer Musical Blockchain, AutoREZNR Edition.

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Film by Gleb Divov
CryptoDocumentary (soon on your screens) trailer direct link:
Early trailer premiered at #VRAF on May 16, 2020. Revised and updated trailer premiered at #HNFT'22 hosted by DADA - the First Historic NFT Fest in Barcelona, Spain on October 30, 2022.

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