Film by Gleb Divov

Film covering the state of the CryptoArt and Digital Art Scene in the pre-20s, before the NFT Hype.

Real Pioneers.
History and (yesterday) present reality.
Exclusive look from the perspective of original participants.
Interviews with scene figures, artists, collectors and those behind the scenes.
#CryptoArt in its nature.

History in the making.

CryptoDocumentary – on your screens – soon.

Initially planned for Summer-Autumn of 2020, production is still underway and extended to 2021,
with understandable lack of community support in COVID-times.

Remember: Film production depends on #CryptoArt Community support.
You asked for it - support it now!

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Documentary soundtrack composed by the multi-awarded, world's first psychology-based AI composer Musical Blockchain, AutoREZNR Edition.

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Film by Gleb Divov
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