The New Venus NFT collection

Ramutis Petniūnas

First NFT collection by the private Lithuanian art collector


The digital rebirth of Jan Rustem's Venus
"The New Venus" is a new NFT collection, created and curated by the well-known Lithuanian art collector Ramutis Petniūnas together with the creative technologist, multidisciplinary immersive artist and NFT pioneer Gleb Divov.

Taking a historically significant Lithuanian work of art, they dive deep into its artistry with the aid of modern technologies, re-thinking and re-creating it, adding layers of modern immersive experience, augmenting real world art with virtual reality.

The pieces in "The New Venus" use Creative AI, GANs and generative art practices to explore the history and hidden meanings of Jan Rustem's painting "The Birth of Venus".

With this NFT collection, Petniūnas and Divov unlock a completely new universe of possibilities for both modern and classical art lovers.

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