Long time collaborators and partners, OKAPI Gallery from Tallinn, Estonia and FAYR Ecosystem from the Republic of Užupis, Lithuania, present you the finest OKAPI NFT WALL — a modern technology and art showcase at the most innovative and diverse international gallery stand of the ArtVilnius 2021.

While at the ArtVilnius stand it was a fusion of multiple universes — real-world fair space, virtual dimensions with physical screen panels, classical art with new technologies and innovations for digital/media art, NFT/Blockchain and optional XR extensions, OKAPI NFT WALL is a real-world demonstration that the digital art is an art, an open door for masses into the NFT/Cryptoart realm and the first ever true showcase of the NFT and audioNFT at the international art fair ArtVilnius'21.

OKAPI NFT WALL is created using FAYR Ecosystem's GalleryBox and GalleryFrame technologies.

GalleryBox/GalleryFrame technologies, created by the inventor, creative technologist, NFT pioneer, multidisciplinary immersive artist Gleb Divov, was first showcased in 2018 in Užupis Art Incubator in the Republic of Užupis, Lithuania, with a small pop-up expo, as a unique solution for transformation of the traditional galleries and libraries into a modern art, education and research centers, attracting youth and inspiring/motivating them to become new aspiring artists and scientists.

Later it was used for the first Lithuanian NFT Cryptoart Exhibition in the Summer 2019, with international — nowadays-leading — NFT pioneers on display in the Town Hall Square in Vilnius, Lithuania, in a special separate GalleryCube pavilion.
It is also worth mentioning that in the GalleryCube there was the first non-digital public showcase of the first Lithuanian NFT, minted in April 2019.

Since 2020, the GalleryBox and GalleryFrame are the core technologies of the international Multiverse Gallery Network - a real world/VR multiverse-connected network of the independent international physical spaces with NFT/cryptoart/digital art panels in Baltics and abroad.
OKAPI Gallery is a proud member and the main Estonian partner of the Multiverse Gallery Network.

We widely contribute to the popularization of modern digital art, media art, blockchain art and cryptoart, XR, and covering topics of Art+Tech, Culture+Tech and Art+Science. With educational activities, cultural events for a wide range of audiences, open calls, international festivals and other interesting stuff included.

We believe that real-world examples and activities will inspire and motivate a new generation of modern artists - and we're definitely counting on young and aspiring local digital artists. Everywhere.

It is still only the beginning of the digital art revolution.
And we're happy to be the first to contribute like that.

The Future is Now.

Works presented at the OKAPI NFT WALL:

Messier 87 Black Hole / Sonic Process z0238rt
by the Musical Blockchain

The first Lithuanian NFT


Rotermann I
Temuri Khvingia



sAInt Heat
Indra Marcinkevičienė

audioNFT from the retrospective collection
Exclusive preview


Face Detector
Musical Blockchain x Rait Prääts
audioNFT + physical object

The first Cross-Baltic NFT (Lithuania-Estonia)


Binary Pixel Chronometer
Max Haarich

World's smallest binary clock


Feel the artificial thought (triangle)

Vilmantas Marcinkevičius



"The New Venus" NFT collection

Ramutis Petniūnas

First NFT collection by the private Lithuanian art collector
Exclusive preview