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FAYR Ecosystem — leading private CultureTech ecosystem in Baltics/EU.

Some of the successfully launched and running Flagship Projects:

NFThon Kaunas - the first international in-person NFT hackathon in the Baltics/EU, one of the most important ArtTech/CultureTech events of the Kaunas 2022 / European Capital of Culture program - is a CultureTech event that drew people's attention to the potential of modern technologies and solutions (like NFT, Blockchain, Web3, Metaverse, AI, XR) in the fields of culture and sustainable development. The goal was to involve them in the creative process and spawn a new wave of local and international digital artists, collectors, and the surrounding community.
The culminating month-long exhibition "NFThon: The Future" (featuring impressive 8-meter-tall artsy bionic-like structures and NFT screens) was visited by over 1 million people.

First Multiverse blockchain and NFT/audioNFT-enabled Digital Art Gallery in the Multiverse Gallery Network (currently network spanning over Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Germany with more countries since initial launch in 2020), with a VR "rewind-repeat" experience and optional XR extensions.
Based on the GalleryBox™ technology, it's a live GalleryFrame™ and GalleryBox™ tech solutions showcase.
Existing in a real-world form in a physical gallery space (one of the first dedicated physical NFT galleries globally) in the independent artistic Republic of Užupis, and in the VR space, as a "rewind-repeat" experience, allowing audiences to catch up and see just finished real-world exhibition in a VR gallery.

Musical Blockchain™
Multi-awarded psychology-based AI Music Composer with an innovative way for psychology-based data-inspired (Source of Inspiration-relevant) melodic sequence composition, sound generation, data-driven digital art and visuals generation (cryptoart/NFT, audioNFT-ready), new fundamentals for computer-based Decentralized Improvisation™.
Record label-signed since October 2018.

This unique AI composer have no analogues in the world yet.

✓  Creative AI showcase: AI Songbook – first ever Songbook consisting of tracks composed completely by Artificial Intelligence, using various data input as a Source of Inspiration.

✓  Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) showcase: Kosmosonic Konglomerate with Musical Blockchainartificialive multimedia touring act performing together with AI companion.
Generative music, generative art, projections, lights, FX with live performance creating unique experience for the audience.
Showcasing the next level of machine-human creative collaboration since 2018.
Booking/availability: booking@fayr.org

An innovative three-way demand-supply chain service between international and local travelers, active citizens, artists and venues for creating and managing in-demand events on 'no-customer' days. AI-driven, AudioNFT/Blockchain-enabled.

It is a Global Cultural eXchange platform for Creative Talents.

✓  Featuring in-house developed hardware: moodStreamBox™ – background music solution IoT device and hardware-unlocked platform for copyright-free AI-composed music streaming subscriptions for offline businesses, public spaces, venues and more.

Digital/Culture Center
Organization with a mobile physical and virtual space, platform and a worldwide international community, dedicated to the educational activities, bleeding edge technologies in the Art and Culture (AI, Blockchain, XR [ VR, AR, MR ] and more), popularization of the Digital Art, Blockchain Art, Culture + Tech and Science + Art fusions and a new wave of local and international Digital Artists, collectors and surrounding community.

Digital/Culture Center is promoting Lithuania and Vilnius as a main global Digital/Crypto Art + Culture hub of the Baltics region.

✓  Featuring in-house developed hardware: GalleryBox™ – complex plug-n-play hardware and software (platform) Digital Art solution for the physical Galleries. It is created for the popularization of the Digital Art, curated digital artwork collections showcase, popularization of the Blockchain-enabled Art galleries and enabling additional revenue streams for the physical Galleries in the modern age.

CryptoArt Hub Baltics/EU – is a special division of the Digital/Culture Center, dedicated to the Culture + Blockchain activities and representation of the Local Artists in a global CryptoArt and Digital Art community.

Digital/Culture Center and CryptoArt Hub Baltics/EU are operated by the Crowded.Place family.

Sound changes the City / Sound changes the Planet Global Initiative
Urban/City Development, Cultural, Educational and Social initiative with international platform.

We propose Sound and its Cultural impact as a unique medium for a social and global change.

✓  Featuring in-house developed hardware: CitySenseBox™ and PlanetSenseBox™ families of mobile/stationary IoT devices for improved City measurements.

✓  Creative AI showcase: City Symphonies™ – highly anticipated unique musical shows (mandatory performed live with local musicians), composed by world's first psychology-based AI composer Musical Blockchain using CitySenseBox™- and PlanetSenseBox™-gathered City-data of a different City districts as a Source of Inspiration.
City Symphonies are a permanently evolving Audio Snapshot of a City's current state.

MVMF: first International Metaverse/NFT Music Festival
Our team contributed globally to the organization of this festival with all the things metaverse, nft, music, art, fashion and much more!
As a special contribution, on Saturday-Sunday, 30 and 31 October 2021, we showcased our exclusive FAYR MULTIVERSE STAGE with international artists and panel discussions.

The finest OKAPI NFT WALL is a modern technology and art showcase at the most innovative and diverse international gallery stand of the ArtVilnius 2021 international art fair.
We used latest generation of GalleryFrame™ and GalleryBox™ technology to show the first Lithuanian NFT, the first Cross-Baltic NFT (Lithuania-Estonia) / the first CONCRETE NFT, world's smallest binary clock, first NFT collection by the private Lithuanian art collector and more NFT and audioNFT gems from our collabs.

Zero-Waste Lifestyle initiative
Empowering Citizens and local businesses with cost-effective tools, focusing on: reducing Carbon Footprint, fighting food waste, Zero-Waste Lifestyle introduction, improving City's Liveability, support local businesses, involve & educate various social groups.

Zero-Waste Lifestyle initiative is operated by the Crowded.Place family.

Artists booking: booking@fayr.org

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About the FAYR Ecosystem — leading private CultureTech ecosystem in Baltics/EU.

International Ecosystem of the internal interconnected Flagship Projects, with a HQ in the Republic of Užupis (Vilnius), Lithuania, creating pioneering innovations at the intersection of Technologies with the Culture/Music/Art, Education, Psychology/Healthcare, Urban environment, Acoustic/Soundscape Ecology, Carbon Footprint reduction, Zero-Waste lifestyle, Sustainability, Smart Cities, Travel, Tourism and Hospitality and other areas and industries.

The list of successfully launched and running Flagship Projects includes: Musical Blockchain; Multiverse Gallery Network; Crowded.Place; Digital/Culture Center; CryptoArt Hub Baltics/EU; Sound changes the City / Sound changes the Planet Global Initiative; Zero-Waste Lifestyle initiative; Culture/InnovationsSTEAM educational activities (covering Culture+Tech / Art+Tech / Art+Science / Music+Tech practices); Ongoing research in a Psychology, Audio Therapy, Art Therapy fields.

FAYR Ecosystem is a proud global partner of the Transcultures Europe and the Pépinières Europénnes de Création.

Contact the Authority: king@musicalblockchain.com